PNR Status - Prediction

Know Your PNR Status:

PNR Prediction - Now you can predict whether your seat will be conformed or not by entering 10 digit PNR number. You can even know your PNR status as well.

Prediction of PNR number is done in a way such that you will get to know the percentage of seats allocation or not. You can even check the status here.

The details will be displayed as follows:

Passenger details:

  • Name
  • Berth preference
  • Journey ticket details
  • Date of journey
  • To and From Stations
  • Train Number
  • Reservation class and Quota
  • Train fare details

How You Can Predict The PNR Number

PNR Predication is quite simple process. If you travel a lot even you will get to understand how it works. It doesn't require any kinda special algorithm or not even like that. We just analysis the previous data and will predict the information related to that.

At the end there may be a chance that, Indian Railways can add a new coach to the list making it to available for all.

All you suppose to do is to enter the right N.O and click on submit. Once you submit you will get to know the status of PNR.

At the end we added a PNR prediction table where you can analysis whether your seat will be allotted or not. Through Prediction tool.

Why is PNR generated on every ticket?

  • Passenger Name Record - number is used to store the passenger details in the railway database.
  • To avoid fake tickets generated outside, Indian railways brought this system to link with every ticket booking so as to avoid confusion between the passengers.
  • Getting a train ticket in waitlist is quite common while traveling in India. So as to know about the updated status.

Waitlist in Indian railways is quite common in India while booking the train ticket. Passenger can check their PNR status in different ways such as follows:

  • Via Online
  • SMS
  • IRCTC login portal or IRCTC App
  • Kiosk at the railway counter

PNR Status - How To Check

Indian railways keep a record of every single transaction. IRCTC updates the waitlist every time when there is availability. Passengers can check now and then if their ticket is in waitlist or auto-upgrade mode.

The following information below will tell you to check your PNR status in various ways. Follow the steps carefully to do it on your own.

Via Online:

Through Our Official Portal:

Just enter your Passenger Name Record number above and click on submit. You will get to know the status of the whether your seat will confirmed or not. At the end we also added PNR prediction as well doc heck it out.

Apart From Our site : Alternative Ways To Check PNR Status & Prediction

Via SMS:

You can even check your status from your mobile phone. All you need is to have an active message service on your mobile.

  • Send your PNR number to 139 or 5676747
    • For example, if your number is 413-3425760 then enter the number on your mobile as <4133425760> and send to 139 or 5676747 from your mobile.
    • Note: Avoid any special characters while entering your PNR number. Only the number should be sent to get the status.

IRCTC Online Portal or App : Check Status

  • Login with your credentials on the official IRCTC website or IRCTC app.
  • On the main official page, you'll find Enquiries option in the menu bar. Click on Check status under it.
  • Enter your 10 digit PNR number and click on submit to know your ticket update and journey details.
  • The same way as in-app, you'll find PNR status option in it. You can check your ticket status from it.

Kiosk At The Railway Counter

  • There is kiosk present at every main station to check your status Predication, boarding schedule, train schedule, availability of tickets.

A passenger should know that an SMS will be sent to your registered number if the wait listed ticket is confirmed or upgraded after the final preparation of the chart.

In case if the wait listed ticket booked via online is not confirmed then it'll be cancelled automatically and the money will be refunded to the bank account.

If the wait listed ticket is booked offline at the counter then you must go back and cancel the ticket to get the money refunded.

How To Find PNR Number On The Ticket

Passenger Name Record - is a 10 digit unique code printed on each successful ticket. Passengers booked their ticket at the railway counter can find on the left-hand side top corner.

If you have booked your train ticket online then you find your 10 digit Passenger Name Record printed at the top on your ticket. Look at the image below to sneak a preview to find the PNR status printed on the ticket.

What to do if you are not able to check the status of your PNR number?

If you are not able to check your PNR status then there are two reasons behind it.

  • Make sure to enter your number in correct order. Don't include any special characters while entering the 10 digit Passenger Name Record.
  • If you do not enter 10 Digit number correctly then you'll be not able to view the status of your journey and the ticket.
  • Indian railway servers are always busy. As you know that IRCTC will generate a huge number of tickets in various different classes where some of them are confirmed and some are waitlisted.
  • Passengers in heavy number will check their PNR status daily.
  • Sometimes the servers will be busy and you'll be not able to check your status. In that case, all you have to do is to wait and try again after some time.

Do remember that Passenger Name Record will not be wrongly generated. Either you have entered your number wrong or the server will be busy in such cases. In case of any discrepancy in PNR Predicator number contact the customer care:

We hope our PNR prediction tool will help you out to check. Also don't forget to check our other services as well.

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