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Indian Railways is fourth biggest networks in the world.  More than 11000+ trains run daily. Millions of people around the country travel by trains. There are various types of trains in India from local metro to superfast express.

Over the years, railways have been one of the cheapest sources for the passengers to travel longer destinations. They have started a subsidiary scheme known as IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) for the passengers traveling by train.

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IRCTC helps the people to book their ticket via online and provide all the facilities related to journey such as fare inquiry, seat availability, check PNR status, trains running between two stations, etc.

You must be wondering why it’s necessary to know train name and number while traveling or booking tickets. Well, here we are going to tell the wield and finding out train name by knowing train number or vice versa.

The information can be gathered in Indian Railway official website or here by knowing a single credential.  It’s a simple 2 or 3 step process. Follow below.

Step 1: Go to Indian Railways official website, or you can even search here on this site.

Step 2: On the top, you’ll find a search box where you need to enter train name or number whichever you are aware.

Step 3: Click Submit. A list of stations will appear along with the train name and number. This list of locations is where the following train passes through them.

This search is a simple step process. I’ll explain with an example to follow better.

In the search box enter “12616” and click submit option. Below you’ll know that this is Grand truck express which travels from New Delhi to Chennai.

If you’re familiar with train name then enter like this “Tamil Nadu express, ” and the number will display below along with the stations.

Why is it important?

I’ll explain to you why every digit is essential to be aware.  Here is an example below to tell you in detail.

Let’s take an example of Grand Trunk (GT) express. This train runs from New Delhi to Chennai Central and returns from Chennai to New Delhi. The same train will not run a round trip with the same number.

  • 12616- New Delhi to Chennai Central
  • 12615- Chennai Central to New Delhi

Both the trains named as GT express but the number differs. A lot of people who book at the counters will make a mistake while filling the reservation form.

IRCTC also developed a mobile application for android users. People can use the same credentials to access the account on the mobile application. In IRCTC app, one can book/cancel tickets anytime, know seat availability, fare inquiry, trains running between stations, PNR status- if you have a wailist ticket.

There is no need to create a new account. If you have IRCTC account before then, you can access the account on the App with same user ID and password. You can even create the account on the Android app if you haven't created one.


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